5 Core elements to Digital Marketing Success

5 Core elements to Digital Marketing Success

Did you ever wonder how the digital gurus are able to have Digital marketing success in their businesses month after month?
You’re doing everything you can think of. You are posting on various social media, created blogs, but you’re still not getting the success you expected.
One reason why some marketers have continued success is that they have a long-term vision and a long-term marketing plan.

The formula
One of the common and biggest mistakes most marketers do is that they just focus on the sale and not building relationships.

There are 3 steps to your Digital Marketing strategy:
1.Build your audience
2. Engage them
3. And then, you can sell to your audience

Here are 5 core elements to Digital Marketing Success

1. Content

Content has always been part of our Digital Marketing Plan. Some of the most important pieces include:
*Blog post
*Case studies
*Press Releases

Everything we teach about attraction marketing revolves around content. The turning point for most of the online gurus was when they started sharing valuable content.

Content is used throughout the sales process. You use content to:

Attract website visitors
Generate leads
Convert sales
Upsell to existing customers

2. SEO Strategy

The higher you place in search engine rankings the better chance you have of success with your digital marketing plan. There are a number of items to consider as you develop your SEO strategy. Consider the type of search terms potential buyers would use as they search for the type of enterprise software you offer. Once you have gathered a list of keyword search terms, you can start to develop the content required to start climbing up those search results. SEO content will take the form of blog posts, how-to guides, glossary pages, and best of lists.

3.Social media Strategy

Social media has an important role to play in your marketing plan. Effective social media tactics can help you to promote your content. If you mention a high profile company or thought leader positively in your content, it is always a good idea to tweet at the person. If they return the favor by sharing your content, it gets your content in front of a brand new audience.

4. Monetization Strategy

A monetization strategy is how you plan to make money.Your monetization strategy is not just pitching one product, service, or business opportunity.

There are only 3 ways to increase revenue:

Increase the number of customers
Increase the number of times a customer returns and buys again
Increase the average size of sale per customer

5. Traffic

Traffic is the main goal and the element of successful Digital Marketer. But you need the other items in place before you need traffic.
“There are no traffic problems, only offer problems.” ~Ryan Deiss
That’s a great quote from Ryan Deiss, but another way of looking at is is there are no traffic problems, only strategy problems.
There are many strategies to generating traffic.You can focus on one or two strategies to bring traffic to your site.

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