Proven Strategies For Increasing PPC Campaign Conversions

Proven Strategies For Increasing PPC Campaign Conversions

What if I invited you to go on a trip to nowhere?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Without knowing the ultimate destination, you can’t just pack your bags and leave.

The same is true with PPC.

The ultimate destination of a PPC campaign is the conversion, and when it comes to getting new users in your conversion funnel, few marketing strategies are as effective as pay-per-click advertising.
These are our favorite conversion rate optimization tips for pay per click PPC
1.Ads should be consistent with their respective landing pages
This point is simple but often overlooked. Ensure that your ads match the landing pages they lead to.
PPC ads account for 64.6% of clicks for keyword searches that imply high commercial intent, which means users see your ads and click on them with the intent of buying something.
For optimal results ensure that the copy and images are consistent and what the users see are actually what they expected.
2.Start remarketing- right now
If you are not using remarketing, you are throwing your money away. Many users won’t convert right away, but there are possibilities that they will convert. Incase if you are not aware about this technique, remarketing is the process by which you “tag” visitors to your site using cookies so that you can get your message in front of them again later when they’re already at least somewhat familiar with your brand.
This strengthens brand awareness of your company or product and creates opportunities for potential customers to convert beyond that initial point of contact.
Sometimes marketers doesn’t agree with the of remarketing.  Granted, ad fatigue is something of a risk, especially if you don’t manage your remarketing parameters carefully, but generally speaking, remarketing is a win-win.
3.Test,test and test
You run A/B test and you think it’s enough. Test every campaign element, and then test them again to make sure they’re accurate. Test new elements and check often.Use the test results to enhance conversion rates via a scientifically proven method, rather than guesswork.
Even incremental changes in your PPC campaigns can yield big benefits and improvements in conversion rates.
4. Eliminate Negative keywords
When you set up a PPC Campaign, you will come across a field which gives you the option to select negative keyword.
Negative keywords are words that are not related to your product or offer. For example, if you are an online retailer of clothing, but you don’t sell children’s clothing, you can use negative keywords to filter out any search with the words “children” or “kids” in them. This way when people are searching for kids clothing, your ad will not show up.
Cutting down negative keywords will cut down ad spend and eliminate unqualified traffic from seeing your ads. This will result in an increased in Click Through Rate (CTR) and a reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), saving you tons of money over the course of your campaign.

Convert and Conquer

So there you have it — four proven strategies for increasing your conversion rates. It’s important to approach each of these techniques from an analytical perspective. Never base major decisions on assumptions, and be sure to test each strategy independently before taking your campaigns in another direction.
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