The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

It is no longer a doubt if companies should execute a social media strategy. The question for most companies is “HOW to best execute a meaningful and engaging approach that generates results”.  With so many social media marketing options available, marketers must also decide best practices and what tactics to avoid.
I hope that these Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts that I’ve provided below will help you.

Five Do’s of Social Media Branding

1. Be Consistent and Regular
One of the most popular question business brands have is, “How often should they post on social media?” There’s no clear answer, However, the key is to be consistent. You should post enough that you stay on top of your customers’ minds, but not so much that you’re annoying and repetitive.
The rules are different depending on the network. Keep an eye on what others are doing and always err on the side of caution.
2. Interaction with people
True interaction via social media can be a tough tactic for many marketers to master. Know the correct balance of self-promotion and intriguing content. Take some time to interact with your current clients and prospective clients to show that you’re available for them and that you care about what they are saying. A simple tactic is to ask questions that inspire a response.
3. Understand which social media platform(s) are best for your business
Just because everyone else seems to be on Facebook/twitter doesn’t mean you need to be. You need to analyze which platform performs best for your brand.
4. Maximize Your Profile/Bio
Each social network you have a profile on has a bio /about section where you input pertinent details about your brand. There is a room for a picture, short description, Impressum, location etc. Make sure you are maximizing this space.Your social media bio is the gateway through which people will know about you. They’ll see something you post, click on your profile, and then look to see what your company is all about. By maximizing this real estate, you can drive conversions and leads to your website.
5. Consider timings
Another thing you must definitely do is pay attention to timing. Depending on when you post, the levels of engagement you enjoy will be different. There’s a lot of different in-depth research on this topic but know there are very specific time frames that work better than others. Try to analyze it and work according.

Five don’ts of Social Media Marketing

1. Using Every Social Network
The list of social media networks is ever growing. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and dozens of other sites. You will miserably fail if you try to build a presence on each of these. There simply isn’t enough time or energy to go around. Stick to three or four networks that your target demographic use and work on carving out a presence. Later you can try creating a presence on other platforms too.
2. Neglecting your audience
Not engaging is one of the worst social media sins. Don’t neglect one network in favor of another or leave comments and questions from a genuine audience unanswered. Be in touch with your followers and value their conversation.
3. Grammatical mistakes
Proofread every single thing before you hit publish button! Never do this mistake, Don’t post anything in hurry. Keeping your writing free of as many grammar goofs as you can is important!
4. Don’t be spammy or ignore/delete negative comments
Nobody likes spam! if you keep posting the same information, again and again, your marketing becomes a nuisance for your audience. Acknowledge the problem and try to solve it rather than deleting the comment. Use every comment as an opportunity to engage with your customers. Even if you are not at fault, reply with proofs and let the customer know that you still care.
5. Being Nameless or hide behind your logo
Don’t hide behind your logo. People will trust you only when they know you. It’s important to share the personal side of who you are so that people can connect on that personal level.
This list is not just limited to the above points. If you looking for a company to grow your brand then visit or drop us an Email on
What do you think about social media marketing do’s and don’t? What did I miss that you think is a must DO or a must don’t?
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